On the Meaning of Reality.

Whenever so called philosophers of today as well as in the past use the term "really", which means in German translation "in Wirklichkeit", they take it either as a subjektive affirmation or as an argument, which can only be controlled by the authors own philosophy. But who can proof, that the authors own philosophy refers to "Reality" or "Wirklichkeit" in the way, that there are no questions left? There had never been a philosopher by now, who matched successfully, - that is without prejudices, what has to be proofed-, the sense of "Wirklichkeit/Reality"? The following pages try to to develop analytically, what we mean by "Reality=Wirklichkeit", so that everbody has the chance, to contradict.

There ist hardly a substantial argument, which can contradict the thesis, that the sense of "Reality=Wirklichkeit" is impossible to be reduced to anything further. But there remains to be explained: What are the deductiv conditions, by which we intersubjectivly succeed to say what we mean by it? Is it at all possible, to explicate the concept of "Reality=Wirklichkeit" that way, that everyone has to agree, because no argument can be found aigainst it?

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